National Teacher Day on Instagram

Happy National Teacher Day!

Teachers are tasked with the difficult challenge of engaging and inspiring future generations. We’re excited to see so many teachers among those pushing the Instagram envelope and finding creative and innovative ways of bringing Instagram into the classroom.

Educators are at the forefront of highlighting the rich and unique aspects of the global Instagram community, from using Instagram photos to inspire creative writing, to employing Photo Maps for geography lessons, to encouraging students to undertake ethnographic studies of their neighborhood.

Take a moment today to reflect on an educator that has had a meaningful impact on your life and share your story with the #greatteaching hashtag.




Instagrammers Capture “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse

See more photos from the eclipse by searching #eclipse and #solareclipse.

The first annular solar eclipse of 2013 took place yesterday. The passage of the moon directly in front of the sun made it appear as though there were a “ring of fire” in the sky.

Instagrammers from Australia and the islands of the Southern Pacific Ocean—the only places where the eclipse was visible—shared photos of this spectacular sight.

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